Buy together

Our Buy Together Extension instantly increase sales using a group of supplementary products for upsells. This extension appear on a product page and substitute it with a much higher converting. This extension will significantly upgrade your sales process and will probably lead to increase in revenue.

This еxtension provides online shop owners a useful option to increase sales.

How does it work?


We can enable and disable categories to decide whether or not to include a discount for products while choosing the minimum amount of products in every group.

Set the special price:

Here we establish the price for the product included in the group.

The creation of the BuyTogether group:

By dragging and dropping you can create your groups. Remember your group products are effected by prewires settings
The add group button allows you to add another products group.

This is how it looks like.:

The final outcome includes the main product along with related discounted products we added previously while emphasizing the original pricing and the total discount amount.
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